Monday, January 13, 2014

HOLA NACHO - Letter 1/13/2014

So this week was fantastic. 

We were locked in our apartment for a straight 48 hours until the cold went away.  When we finally left, it was.... Weird. I felt like I was leaving the MTC again, cause basically we just did a lot of studying and watching The District DVD's. It was also really good cause Sister Beaudoin and I worked a lot on our teaching companionship and we feel a lot more prepared for the work. 

On Wednesday, we were able to teach a couple people - which was good - but nothing really has come of it. However, when we were tracting, we came across this really sweet old guy who let us in just to tell us that he respected us for what we do, although he does not believe the same way we do. He then proceeded to tell us that when he and his wife were dating, and they talked about marriage, she got scared of it and started hiding from him when he'd come visit her at her work. Her friend told him she'd hide in the bathroom and so one day he camped out outside of the bathroom and when she came out to see if he had left he goes "Now you listen to me. I love you and I want to marry you!" And he goes "And here we are, 47 years later." Haha and then he gave us four oranges and we left. 

ALSO! The Tuesday we were locked in our apartment we got a referral from a member of the ward!! He met this lady and I guess she had been taught like 20 years earlier by missionaries and she wanted to learn again. Her name is Darlene. We met with her on Thursday. At first, when we asked what her expectations were of meeting with us, she was like "Oh I just wanted to meet you." We were like "Uhh... No." Anyways. She was going to go to church with us on Sunday but she cancelled on us because "she had a cough and it's worse in the mornings and she would be embarrassed if she coughed all through church."  Satan has his ways. But, we really feel like she's ready to truly accept the Gospel this time. So we'll keep working with her.  Also, Sister Beaudoin was so excited about making an appointment with Darlene after the referral came in that she ran over and jumped on her bed. She whacked her head on the ceiling hahaha. She is great.

On Friday we had a Zone Training Meeting. The one thing I probably really learned the most from it was from what our Zone Leader talked about. He said that there's a good missionary, who says "I'm going to baptize everyone!" So basically "I'm going to do my work." Then there's a better missionary who says "I'm going to do HIS work." But, there's the BEST missionary who says "He does His work through me." I loved that. I think that's something that hit both of us pretty hard. Something we've been trying really hard to work on.

We ALSO got a new investigator this week that we are BEYOND excited about! His name is Dave. We taught him on Friday. He's a single dad so we met him at the Library in Vermilion. He has two kids, William (8) and Luke (11). He's a really good dad to them, and the day we met him he had just been laid off from work. He is the nicest guy ever. The spirit was really strong talking with him, and I think he really could see why he needs the gospel in his life!
There was also a baptism that night... So we invited him and his boys to it. Just to see what it was like haha. At first he was like "no, I'm pretty busy, I dunno..." and then SISTER BEAUDOIN looks at his kids and goes "Hey boys, you wanna go see a BAPTISM?!" and they were all "Yeah! Yeah! Dad please can we go!" Hahahaha. Winner!  Him being at that baptism was definitely the highest point of my mission so far. The Spirit was SO strong, especially while Brother Landrygan was being baptized. You could tell Dave was really touched by a lot of things. I was watching him like a hawk during the service, and praying so hard that nobody would say anything off-the-wall! Haha cause that's how our ward is. They say weird things. But, nothing too crazy was said (although they did say something about W.O.W. and when we met with Dave earlier he had a Coffee Thermos and smelled like Cigarette smoke) and he pointed out that a lot of things we had talked about with him earlier had been mentioned during the service. One Elder from our district asked what he thought of everything and he was like "I actually came here a couple times quite a few years ago. I just kept thinking 'I don't know why I ever left.'"   SO good. Such a good night. 

Also, the ward really reached out to him. He got along especially well with the guy who just had been baptized. Sister Beaudoin said that at one point she heard him ask "So... You feel like you found something you had been looking for?" Which is one of the things he had expressed to us earlier, is that he felt like all the other churches had something missing.  We are too excited about him. 
Also, I ran into my first basher yesterday. It was hard to remember not to play his games and not to get worked up. He took every little thing we said and twisted it and used it against us, and at one point he started getting really condescending, saying we hadn't looked into other things enough to really know. But, it only made me realize how much I do know. Every time he was like "But you don't KNOW that!" My instant thought wouldn't be "well maybe I don't." my instant thought was "I do. I do know the things I'm telling this guy are true. I do." It just drew out my testimony. He was annoying though haha.

Welp, I may or may not have forgotten my camera at the apartment so no pictures this week but there wasn't anything too exciting anyways. I'll make up for it next week haha. I love you all! Things are going so well here and the pace is swiftly picking up! We're going to the other sister's apartment today so that will be fun. They live with some members. One sister is from my Zone in the MTC. They serve with us in our ward. They are GREAT! 

...Big gulps huh?? Alright. Welp, see ya later!


Sister Perrenoud

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