Friday, December 13, 2013

I Want Cookie Now! - Letter 12/13/2013

So, Sunday was indeed awesome as everyone says. We got to watch Music and the Spoken word with all the sisters, then Sister Mariott from the general relief society president came to speak to all the sisters. Then we had a new sisters orientation, which was pretty much the same thing we've been hearing every day since we got here (aka dress code) pfffft boring. So then we had sacrament meeting at 2 as a zone which was cool but the COOLEST part was watching a video from a devotional that David A. Bednar gave to missionaries Christmas morning. It was like a punch in the face, like they don't distribute it to the church because it's so blunt that half the church would probably leave. The best thing I got out of it though was he said that sometimes we're too much like the cookie monster:


Bahaha. So me and Sister O'Banion have had an awesome week for teaching this week. We taught a fake investigator who isn't our teachers acting like investigators. Our first time teaching her, she asked about things like polygamy and hard questions like that. Every time she asked her to read a scripture from the book of mormon she wouldn't even touch it. So our goal for the second lesson was for her to read the introduction from it on her own. AND SHE TOTALLY DID! We all took turns reading paragraphs of the introduction and then we left the book of mormon with her. AND SHE KEPT IT!! BOO-YAH!!

In other news, we decided that our district leader looks like Andy Bernard from the Office. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Gosh. I wish I had more dang time. I just don't!! But our zone is awesome. We're only going to Cleveland with four other sisters, and every one else is either going to Canada or Las Vegas. 

Elder Lusk and Elder Bird left on Monday!!! I was so excited for them! We took an awesome picture of them with their arms around each other and me awkwardly standing to the side so that's fun.

Also, we had in-field orientation on Thursday. Which went from 8 in the morning till 5:30 at night. It was fun till about 4:30, and then I got really tired and sick of sitting that I wanted to be done. Then, the kid that said the closing prayer took another 9 1/2 hours to say it so it's all good. 

ALSO!!! OH MY GOSH! Elder Christensen from THE DISTRICT videos TOTALLY CAME!! I was freaking out! It was like a freaking celebrity came to the MTC!
Okay. Well I'm hoping and praying that the computer won't kick me off before I get to send this.

Oh. And, on Tuesday, Elder Quentin L. Cook came and gave a Devotional to us!! And me and most of the people from our Zone sang a musical number in a choir and I was TOTALLY ON THE SCREEN. It was zoomed out a lot but still cool. 

P.S everyone, the food is good for the first like two meals. And now it's just not. But, despite what everyone else said I would do, I have TOTALLY lost weight. Mostly because I've ran like four miles this week and two miles last week and walked all over kingdom come.

Anyways. My Zone is awesome. And I'm excited that I'll be going to Cleveland, but not excited for us to be split apart.

I love all you guys so much. SO MUCH! You're the best. 

Love, Sister Perrenoud 

Meeting up with friends Elder Tanner Lusk from the ward and Elder Taylor Bird

Sister O'Banion

It's the map .... it's the map ... it's the map!

Love this picture!


Long days!


Temple was closed - Didn't get to do a session :(

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